Daily Lectionary Reflection, Monday, Aug. 10

The scripture passages bring into sharp focus the judgment of God. While Sodom and Gomorrah has been used in the past to condemn homosexualty, scripture uses the event as a symbol of God’s strong stance against sin. Misguided interpretations of scripture use the passage to threaten cities and nations who support homosexualty. For instance, one famed preacher called hurricane Katrina an act of God’s judgment upon New Orleans. The reading from Peter shows that the judgment brought by God rewards the righteous and punishes the godless. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, this judgment reserves itself until Christ the Lord returns in his full glory. So does God still judge? Yes. When does this judgment happen? At the end of the ages, when heaven and earth become one at last. Judgment belongs to the Lord, so one ought to focus upon living a life to God in fullness and not pointing out the poverty of other’s morality.

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